WAMA Diagnóstica was founded in 1991 by a group with over 60 years of experience in laboratory diagnostic. Its mission is the development of methods for laboratory analysis, and its main goal is to become one of the leading companies in diagnostic tests.

WAMA is consolidated in the Brazilian market as a company focused on research, development and production of kits and reagents for laboratory diagnostic, especially immunodiagnostic.

WAMA is the only Brazilian market that holds the technology for the manufacturing of immuno-chromatographic tests (Lateral Flow) and manufacturing of urine strips.

Based on a quality policy that seeks, relentlessly, the excellence on its products and services, WAMA gained the trust of its customers, becoming leader in some areas of the competitive diagnostic marked in Brazil.

The quality standard used by the company has permitted the company to distribute its products throughout Brazil and South America. Today, the company is prepared to face the competitive European market. Furthermore, the company is expanding its participation in international trade shows and congresses, obtaining considerable returns.

Certified by BSI in ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards, by ANVISA (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária) in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices for in vitro Diagnostic Kits and Laboratory Equipments), besides having CE Marking in the majority of its products, WAMA can, in all of its processes, comply to the highest international Standards in Quality Management and the needs of each one of its customers.

One of the longings of our company was to participate in social programs. Adding this dream with the fact that the company plays in the health area, WAMA Diagnóstica has participated as a collaborator in the TOP 500 program of CENTRO INFANTIL BOLDRINI. The program has as one of its goal the treatment and research of cancer and hematological diseases in Children and pre-teens.

With this, WAMA Diagnóstica, aware of its social responsibilities, hopes to contribute to the improvement of lifestyle of people that suffer from these kinds of problems.

If you are interested in knowing the seriousness and participate in this program that helps thousands of youth and children, contact the CENTRO INFANTIL BOLDRINI in the following address: www.boldrini.org.br e-mail: comunica@boldrini.org.br or by telephone +55 (19) 3787-5115.

Company - Brazil

São Carlos

Rua Aldo Germano Klein, 100 - CEAT
CEP: 13573-470 - São Carlos - SP

Tel.: +55 (16) 3377-9977


The kits manufactured by WAMA Diagnóstica are subject to a rigorous quality control. WAMA Diagnóstica has standard panels validated by World Health Organization (WHO). Such panels are used as tools for approving its products. Furthermore, the company takes part in quality control programs nationally recognized such as PANEL and CONTROL LAB.
WAMA's staff is specialized in diagnostic and medical fields, therefore, contributing to the highest quality control processes. This workforce is constantly subject to trainings in order to guarantee a better efficiency on performing the activities.

The WAMA processes meet international standards of quality management and therefore the company is certified by the BSI ISO 13485 and ISO 9001, ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices for IVD and Laboratory Equipment), and CE Marking in most of its products.

WAMA Diagnóstica, searching for improvements of quality management tools, is geared toward CE Marking. Finally, WAMA intends to solidify its presence in the national market and enhance its presence in the international market.

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