COMPETITIVENESS: A necessary competence

Competitiveness is a requirement of the modern world. It encourages efficiency and effectiveness, compels us to develop new strategies, encourages innovation and continuously measures our performance. For the user side of products and services, it offers a range of options and improvements in the quality of what is offered, making the market more and more demanding.

In a globalized world, being competitive is a necessity for the maintenance and perpetuation of any business activity. However, it does not mean that it is worth everything to win, but you have to respect certain rules among competitors. Thus, it is desirable that there be certain legal and ethical boundaries between the competitors facing each other in a given market.

In a country undergoing an evident moral and ethical crisis, such statements may seem out of context, however, concepts are directly related to each other's character and philosophy of life.

Our company has always respected the rules of the market, and we are proud to have been a pioneer in our country in the development, manufacture and distribution of so-called point of care (POC) tests or rapid tests. Entrepreneurship, development and innovation are genes that make up our DNA, motivating each day more to offer reliable products that meet the needs of our customers. Our responsibility applies not only to the sale of our products, but also, and in the same proportion, to the post-sale, since we respect and are true partners of our users.

If we look at the Brazilian health market in the last 4 to 5 years, in our area of ​​activity, we will observe the exponential increase in the number of competitors, and we see in this, without any demagogy, a great increase of options for the users and a huge challenge our competence and competitiveness.

Within this context, we have learned that a fairly restricted number of competitors have used unethical and amoral conduct to try and denigrate our company's name on the market. Not that it affects our leadership position in some POC tests, but scoring these attitudes is necessary since we believe that competing with the goal of winning is not incompatible with respect and with possible collaboration with other competitors, since we practice competition and not unfair competition. This should be banned by all those who want a fairer and more accountable country.

The ammunition used in this campaign is related to the recall we made this year. If we look at the market of any economic activity we will note that only companies that have responsibility for their products and customers are that they assume failures in their performance and bear the full burden of collecting a lot problem. Many companies use other means or devices to exempt themselves from injury. This is not our position and will never be, we assume and assume faults that may occur in our product and we will always have the responsibility to our customers in the products we offer. This is the reason we have been in the market for 26 years and growing in expressive percentages every year.

Our Dengue test was revalidated in October of that year by ANVISA, and its registry was maintained after the INCQS (National Institute for Quality Control in Health) evaluation, a fact that contradicts what some people have said would not occur.

WAMA Diagnostica is not a test packer for diagnosis, who knows our factory knows that we are manufacturers and developers of diagnostic products. The company invests a large part of its resources in research and development. For almost two years we have set up a company for this purpose in Monthey, in the canton of Valais, Switzerland, with The Ark Foundation, with all the necessary infrastructure for the development of innovation in clinical and laboratory diagnosis. This month we acquired a R & D company within the USP Technology Park in Ribeirão Preto to develop our recombinant antigens and monoclonal antibodies, aiming not only to reduce the import of these proteins, not available in our country, but also to control the process manufacturing of all the biological components of our diagnostic kits.

WAMA Diagnostica a Brazilian company with vocation to offer quality products.

Dr. Wagner Maricondi

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