Wama presents WF500 Fluorescent Rapid Test Reader

A new concept in laboratory diagnostic routines, using the WF500 Fluorescent Rapid Test Reader. It provides quick and quantitative results using tests of high sensitivity and specificity.

Containing a validation system of the test, based on the SD card, making it impossible to exchange information and release the wrong results.


  • Memory to store 10,000 results.
  • Cassettes specific to each parameter and linked to the corresponding SD card.
  • Possibility to use in place without electricity using lithium-ion battery (accessory).
  • Curve storage for each batch.
  • Android system with color screen and touch screen.
  • Internal printer.
  • Connections: 2 USBs, network and barcode reader.

The WF500 Reader is a new concept in the diagnostic marketplace, combining fast test results with excellent performance.

Imuno-Rapid Quantities

  • Procalcitonin
  • Ultrasonic PCR
  • D-Dimer Glycemic Hemoglobin
  • Troponin I

Presentation: 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 and 80 tests

Products with registration in the Ministry of Health (MS).


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